Healing Crohn’s With Diet and Other Tools

Public Service Announcement: I have been kicking Crohn’s Disease’s ass! : )

I have been able to remain drug-free with the following routine (thanks to Dr. Paul Murray at the Whole Health Center in Lone Tree, Colorado). This is what I have done to get rid of pain, diarrhea, and arthritis:

No carbs, no sugar, no milk. I do a variation of Elaine Gottschall’s Specific Carbohydrate Diet. In addition to completely cutting out refined sugar, I have also eliminated honey for the time being. I try to not eat too much fruit, butter, cheese, and I avoid the diet soda and caffeine, which are all permissible once a week on the SCD diet. The more veggies, particularly cooked veggies, the better. (I love steamed swiss chard and spinach, peas, lettuce, avocado, peppers, celery, squashes). Meat is good too, as are eggs, and fish is a good less acidic option. And ALMOND BREAD! (The recipe is available through SCD cookbook sources.) I try to eat as many alkaline-forming foods as I possibly can (basically vegetables and almonds, and lemon-water is wonderfully alkalizing as well.) But the meat gives me the umph I need to feel satisfied. If sweetness is needed, cooked fruit such as applesauce is best, and a few berries are okay for me too. An excellent resource for an alkalizing diet can be found here.

Dr. Paul gave me a citrus seed extract blend (AGRUMAX) to put a few drops in water two or three times a day, primarily upon rising and before bed. Grapefruit seed extract is excellent too on its own, and can be obtained at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers. Oil of Oregano works as well. Make sure it is the true WILD oil of oregano, as the cheap stuff does not seems to work. These products kill the “bad” bacteria, viruses, and other unwanteds in the digestive tract.

In the morning and evening, about 20 minutes after the citrus seed extract or oil of oregano, I do a “shake” with powdered psyllium husks, bentonite clay, and olive oil, about a tablespoon each in about 8 oz. water. This further leeches out the impurities, adds fiber, and removes excess water from the digestive tract. Olive oil is an anti-fungal agent, believe it or not. Dr. Paul uses a coconut oil blend.

Further, I follow the shake (made in a cup with a tight-fitting lid) in about 20 minutes by a broad-spectrum probiotic blend.

No caffeine or alcohol is recommended. I LOVE a yellow tea from China whose caffeine metabolizes instantly with no adverse effects. It’s from the Yellow Flower Trading Company, care of my acupuncture clinic. Oh yes, and acupuncture has been a part of the regimen, as well.

Then, when symptoms subside, what works for a person and what does not, varies. I have added beans with success, fruit, honey, maple syrup and agave nectar, in moderation. The key I have found is maintaining the alkaline/acid balance in the body.

Mental State
Cultivating the art of conscious eating is a must. No more eating for comfort, unless veggies are the crutch a person reaches for. I have had to do some serious self-psychologizing. I have had to work to visualize myself being happy and content eating such a diet, to be successful in sticking to it as strictly as is required, with longevity. The “story” that I am “deprived” of foods that are “SO GOOD!” leads to failure. Sugar-laden, refined flour foods may be made out to be rewards and pleasures by some, but in reality, they cause various diseases, such as the one I have been battling. I have grown to love vegetables, really love them. Not only have I learned to prepare them in a way that I enjoy them, vegetables feel so much better than the white powder (refined sugar and flour) drug foods that give a jolt to brain chemistry and blood sugar levels. They have become delicious in their own natural purity. Learning to prepare them in various different ways is a must: salads, soups, pico de gallos, side-dishes, fritters– to keep them exciting. Toward this goal I LOVE grapeseed oil. Second to melted butter, it’s a healthier alternative to drizzling over veggies.

I hope this finds the eyes of all that may benefit from this system as I have. We don’t need expensive drugs that mask the symptoms to find relief and health in this life!

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Where Is Lulemon’s Point?

s-LULULEMON-AYN-RAND-JOHN-GALT-TOTE-BAGS-large300Lululemon Athletica has come under scrutiny for “emblazoning” the phrase “Who is John Galt?” on the side of their yoga bags, promoting Ayn Rand’s objectivist policy as laid out in her book Atlas Shrugged. Objectivism, embraced by libertarians and Tea Partyists, seems to many to be an antithesis of yoga’s “vibe,” whose roots in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy teaches the interconnectivity of all things. Contrarily, Rand is decidedly an individualist.

But is objectivism really so different than yoga’s teachings?

In practicing yoga we draw our awareness inward to meet our divine nature, seeking ultimate freedom. It is an activity that is, no judgment here, really quite self-absorbed. However, we realize that we are all connected, no matter what political system we have, and this influences our actions in the world.

In yoga, our goals and rewards cannot come through the use of force.

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Poseidon, Sea King

From Carl Jung, The Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, 18.

We must surely go the way of the waters, which always tend downward, if we would raise up the treasure, the precious inheritance of the father. In the Gnostic hymn to the soul, the son is sent forth by his parents to seek the pearl that fell from the King’s crown. It lies at the bottom of a deep well, guarded by a dragon, in the land of the Egyptians– that land of fleshpots and drunkenness with all its material and spiritual riches. The son and heir sets out to fetch the jewel, but forgets himself and his task in the orgies of Egyptian worldliness, until a letter from his father reminds him what his duty is. He then sets out for the water and plunges into the dark depths of the well, where he finds the pearl on the bottom, and in the end offers it to the highest divinity.

This hymn, ascribed to Bardesanes, dates from an age that resembled ours in more than one respect. Mankind looked and waited, and it was a fish– “levatus de profundo” (drawn from the deep) — that became the symbol of the saviour, the bringer of healing.

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Wild Woman

wild woman

Art by Gaia

The Wild Woman
Is the One Who Knows.
She is the River beneath the river,
She is instinctual Nature
Dispenser of Medicine
Guardianne of Wisdom.
She is from Whom we spring forward in Life
and to whom we go in Death.
She is the Great Wild Mother.
Her kingdom is this great underground forest,
the misty world of the unconscious;
into which the light of consciousness filters down through stories, feelings, and dreams.

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In Search of Father

I’ve had a couple of dreams lately where I like a boy in elementary school or high school, and he wants nothing to do with me. These seem like a blast from the past, but they illuminate the immature male part of my innermost soul, split off from the rest of myself. The male expression of the female’s soul, the animus, is associated to the faculties of discrimination, cognition, logical thinking, and is archetypally modeled by the father. My dreams demonstrate a personal truth, as I have felt powerless over my food choices, having slipped back into an all-permissive diet, where my choices are controlled by my feeling function, not my thinking function. I feel like I should have real icecream, quesadillas, cookies, and biscuits, although I know that I shouldn’t: these foods inflame my gastro-intestinal tract. My feelings have been winning, dominating my logical capacity. My Logos, my animus, as demonstrated by these dreams, is a dwarfed little boy who doesn’t love me, whom I am hopelessly out of touch with. My Eros, my feeling, corresponds to my absent mother, as demonstrated by my actions, my memories, my dear sweet mother who loved me, and fed me delicious, often sugary and starchy food.

My feeling function and my thinking function are embattled in my psyche. This I have become conscious of in the last few weeks, as I have been reading “The Essential Jung.”

So this Sunday morning, I woke up at a reasonable time, and instead of getting up, I decided to sleep in a little more, it being my one day off. Knowing I dream vividly during the later morning, I asked that I have a dream in which I access some good positive father energy, in my attempts to empower my logos, my thinking function.

Fountains-in-Seattle-Wa-snohomish-countyThe dream that came to me was of a family sing-along. I was with my husband’s family. I was perched at the edge of a fountain. Chris’s sister was doing some kitchen gymnastics, putting her heels up the wall of cupboards, and lowering her head down against the kitchen island, and inching up, inverting her body as she did so. I too tried this trick, but I couldn’t do it. I lost it, and flung a motor-bike against a car in a fit of rage. I got on a bicycle and rode, hard, down the highway, crying loudly, in a singing kind of way.

Grassy-knollI ended up trying to ride up a grassy hill where my mother was, and I fell in the grass and cried and cried, and woke myself up, crying.

The image of Chris’s father was faint in the background as I had had my tantrum. I remember my own father’s illogical angry outbursts; in fact, these characterize him for me. But what is significant to me is that this dim fatherly presence was permissive (or perhaps just passive) in regards to my tantrum, where I think my biological dad would have tried to outshout me to suppress my outburst. The problematic nature of this is evident, as pertains to the development (or lack thereof) of a strong and positive logical function. This dream father allowed me, however illogical or emotion-ridden. This is a step in allowing me to get closer to him once again, and perhaps learn to be guided somewhat by reason, when appropriate.

My image search of fountains led me to these images of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. How they speak to me, how appropriate they seem to my quest! Read More »

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corridorI had a dream about going to the dentist and there being a lot of commotion about my appointment. I was waiting what seemed like forever, until I made a big stink in front of a huddle of other poor lost souls who were waiting. But I finally got seen, and has some gentle work done on my teeth by a rather nice doctor.

This, I feel, was a calling forth of male energy, and asking it to work with me, not against me.

Other images from the night include: a baby that had learned how to walk, and even boggie a little. A walk to a junior high school through winter snow.

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